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One Heart - Poem
Please do not love me
I will only give you pain
Even if you tell me plainly
That to you; I mean everything
I haven't the space in my life to hold you
And I am too selfish to make you happy
I know what I am
So surely you can't
If you did... then why would you want me?
Give your heart to someone else
Somebody who wants it and is worthy
You should not be too eager to part with it
Just because you feel empty and lonely
For once long ago I gave my own quite hastily
And now I cannot bear to again risk such frailty...
So before yours is broken and shattered into shards...
Take care to whom you give it...
For you have only... one heart
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 23 12
Passing Brilliance - Poem
Thoughts swirl in radiant colors
Strings hum vibrating sounds
In my mind's eye my song's envisioned
I grasp each note, then write it down
Haphazardly the music and words collide inside my head
The harmonies afloat so free
The lyrics soft accompanying it
All is up in the air - abstract - and more than likely to be changed
I attempt to isolate what's passing brilliance
Before things are faded - lost - and can't be found again...
With each chord, each verse;
My masterpiece is slowly breathed into most vivid life
And when at last the melody is full and free...
It feels complete
And so do I
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 16 15
Sincere Reflections - Poem
Lavender, jasmine, rose, and lilac
Peony, ebony; dark silk-soft curled back
Eyes of deep blue and a smile like the sun
The soft red of her cheeks; not a powder put on
She is beautiful... elegant...
And all just as she is
Even without the frail flowers
She insists enhance it...
Her countenance shines as radiant light from pure soul
All the brighter when unguarded
And safe by me more aglow...
Her moods fast flow through me
As though we were one
Her pains and her sorrows
I feel as though they're my own...
Yet even as tears fall upon these paths tread
Her hand in my own; my heart soars free of regret...
For what could I not face with her ever here by my side?
I've been given an angel...
And I've made her my bride
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 17 17
How Long? - Song Lyrics
How long will you look away?
Tell me, how long must I endure this pain?
Yours is the only name etched on my heart
My love, my life, my shining star;
My sight takes you in but leaves me with scars
Yet still you're everything to me...
The path I chose
The air I breathe...
I have rearranged so much for you
And I have thrown so much away
I've done everything you wanted me to
And I've not regretted it one day...
But why is it that now I find that we have been estranged?
And I am constantly replaying memories searching for what made you slip away?
I love you so, and I've tried and tried to pull you back to me...
But no matter how far my arms are outstretched
Somehow I just can't ever reach...
Is there anything? Anything?! That would restore the love we knew?
Because no matter how I lie, I just can't convince myself I don't need you

I can't convince myself I don't need you

How long must you look away?
Why do you hide yourself from me?
Why is it that you cannot say?
And what is
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 12 6
Wanderer - Poem
A soul without form;
You think you are free
But does freedom mean wandering forever?...
No responsibilities
No obligations
No family
No home
Adrift on the breeze
And then not the next moment...
You dance among clouds and descend like the dew
You taste life afresh
It's vibrant colors, it's hues...
Your laughter bubbles and bursts
Such a beautiful sound
But as soon as it fades
None shall find you around
You're off to seek adventure...
And all at once I realize...
I just wanted you to stay with me
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 23 11
When Will I Wake? - Poem
The innermost parts of my soul have wounds
While the innermost thought in my heart is you...
I seal my eyes to cease the flow
Of memories manifest in crystal glow...
But for all of my strength I am now weak
My emotions constrained by my mind will no longer heed...
For the counsel of what had last seemed best
Has left me empty and broken; in my hopelessness...
How much longer must my fragile form
Endure this longing; this feeling alone?...
I try so hard, and I do not scream
I do not shout...
I merely dream...
I dream of color, as colors fade
I dream of light, yet abide the shade
I dream of love; yes, every day
I dream.. I dream.. I dream.......

I dream
And I ask myself....... When will I wake?
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 18 8
Sunrise - Poem
Every corner of my heart aches
And yearns for your touch to soothe
The brokenness
The hopelessness
The emptiness I am when I'm without you...
My tears fall as droplets
Leaving my soul so dry
Each day I wander aimless
And despairing; I cry
You know not the pain that I've suffered each hour
You don't know how I long for us to be together
You can't comprehend it; the sorrow, the pain
The unyielding agony of these relentless feelings...
If only you loved me
Then you would recognize...
But as it is; I am darkness...

And you... are ever radiant sunrise
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 27 14
Everything - Poem
If you gave me a flower
I would've pressed it in a book...
Or if you gave me an hour
I'd have remembered it for good...
And if you gave me love
I would have given you the same...
But in the end you gave me nothing...

And I gave you everything
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 23 20
Beyond Compare - Poem
I pull your note out of my pocket
And I unfold the parchment page
My eyes dance rhythmically through your words
Again and again; repeatedly...
There is nothing in this world
That could make my heart more full
Nothing beneath the sun
No, nothing in this universe...
The knowledge that you love me dearly
Is already more joy than I can bear...
But to know that you have chosen to permanently...
This is happiness sublime... beyond compare
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 14 11
The Ocean - Poem
Rippling waters like satin folds
Bend to the breeze that blows gentle
Like a whisper warm, waves wash ashore
And sands soft embraced; recede once more
The sun fair shines from sky above
It's rays of light so bright, my love
Reflections shimmering
A crystalline dance
In a moment's time
Across a grand expanse
A pool like eyes
Beheld in blue
Gaze up at the sky
From down below
The surface glistens
Depths are concealed
Yet 'spite the blinding light
Blurred forms reveal;
Such wonders manifest in motion...

That is the sea...
That is...
The ocean
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 22 23
So Beautiful - Poem
The gentle rising of a chest
A warm breeze blows a soft breathed breath
Sunlight seeps through the window pane
And lips sweetly whisper your name
Eyes awide abandon sleep
Yet do not do so reluctantly
A smile creased - the corners fold
A sight beheld - so beautiful
And all at once a tear doth fall
Not in regret, but instead in awe
For what wonder is felt within my soul
Knowing you are mine... and I am yours
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 23 20
Affinity - Poem
Sitting seated in the silence
Downcast - yet my heart rose
When a quiet figure stood beside me
After in the room he strode
His appearance was unusual
Not in a way one could describe
Perhaps it was in the way he moved
Or that distant look held in his eyes
Suddenly he caught me staring
And he smiled pleasantly
I turned away, moments too late
To hide the color in my cheeks
His voice was warm - sweet to the ear
And he asked me for my name
But for all the stumblings of my tongue
I had such trouble telling him
His gentle smile gave way to grin
And with a tender sort of air
He gestured to the seat across
And asked me if he could sit there
The permission shyly granted him
He filled the empty space
All at once - in that chair
Then slowly, softly into my heart
Until he was the only one in there
I'm always enchanted at the remembrance
Of this precious memory held so dear
It never fades, yet it is romanticized
A little more with each passing year...
Yet that is not to say that I recall things more
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 17 2
Never Fades - Poem
Struck still
Flames ignite
Icy chill
Dark - cast out by light
A fire burns
And shadows fall
When will you return?
Oh, where have you gone?
Ablaze in the midst of midnight air
Yet the wind blows cold
When you aren't here
I set the flame upon the wick
And as I look out
My lamp is lit
Like a habit I hopelessly pretend
This is the day you'll be back again
The warmth I spark dies with each passing day...
But your memory... No... That never fades
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 27 16
Once - Poem
Once I made a wish
That I could hold you for all time...
Once I made a wish
That I'd be yours and you'd be mine...
But like a flame that burns away
'Til it has nothing more to give
Put out by the dampness in the air
Before it had even kindled its last twig...
The hope that I once had
That I'd be yours and you'd be mine...
Met with the coldness of cruel fate...
And is now a memory... Lost to time
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 23 11
Say it First - Poem
Actions adversarial
By unconscious patterns 'justified'
More goes on beneath the surface
Than can be perceived by the eye
Like children adults bicker
'They started it!'
'Well, they did worse!'
Always looking to magnify... the other person's faults
But why point to another's errors, when you have also made you own?
The size or number of them, matters not - you were still wrong
Do you really think that pointing fingers will cause them to pause and reflect?
Tell me, has it ever actually worked when someone else - to you - did that?
By choosing to make them the enemy
You just push them farther away...
For so many years you've loved them
Yet you've forgotten it in your rage...
Trade your shouting in for silence
Your accusations for... 'I'm sorry'
Be honest, and consider first your own part in this story...
Just swallow up your pride...
Swallow up... your pain...
Cruel words aren't justified
Just 'cause they're saying the same things
Ask them
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 14 5
The Road to Redemption - Poem
Cruelly turned away
Almost affronted by your plea
Something between a vacant stare
And a glare of animosity
The road to redemption is fraught with doubt
Both from within, and yet still without
But they can't be blamed for their distrust
Considering the person that you were once
You willingly accept their vicious words
Believing that they are well-deserved
Ironic - that only now when you desire warmth
Does the coldness of their rejection truly hurt
Words die in your heart
That could not make it to your lips
Tears sting in your eyes
But do not have the time to drip
Their gazes averted
You are cast out; without even being moved...
Desperate to set things aright
Yet faced with not knowing how to...
How do you fix what can't be fixed?
How do you prove what can't be proved?
All that you have left is self
And the selfish things you chose to do
If only they could know your mind
If only they could see your soul!
If only you could turn back time
And repair everything that you once broke...
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 18 13

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-- *stares questionably*
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This is a very lovely artwork. You drew the characters so nicely. Your portrayal of Cinderella is petite and feminine, and the fairy's ...

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See that it has an astonishingly minimal amount of favorites considering it's quality... .0. - NaNoEmo 29/30

And then you are suddenly very deeply offended that so few have bothered to properly appreciate this incredibly well-made masterpiece! Oh Noes!

So you favorite it immediately with a newfound appreciation!Plus Fav 

NON-MEAN LOOKING blank stare


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